Meet Heike

"My first big travel journey began when I mowed from Germany to Yugoslavia in 1981"

About Me

Let’s be honest-one of basic human needs is love and when I found it at 27, skiing in the Alps with a Slovene man, I decided to pack one suitcase I had, said goodbye to my parents and twin sister with tears in my eyes and sat in my Citroen 2CV, known as “Diana”.

Coming to Slovenia, I scraped together “tolarji” and bought my first camper van - a VW T1, it was pure pleasure just knowing that I own one. The real adventure began when my two boys arrived. We loved driving around the country, spending one day at the seaside listening the waves crashing the shore, stargazing past the boys sleeping hour and then driving in the night so we could wake up the next morning in the mountains making “Keiserschmarn” for breakfast. Boys grew bigger, moved away from home but my camper van and I kept it moving. 

A couple of years ago, I moved back to Germany to spend quality time with my parents, but my camper van decided to explore Slovenia with my grandson and I decided not to invest in Bitcoin (I still have no clue what that is) but invest in a new camper van.


Here’s to 60+ and being fabulous! 

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